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Match 1: Silver
53 33%
Match 1: Pale Green
109 67%
Voters: 163.
This is how the votes are going to work, since not every team turned in 6 pictures.

The polls are multi-choice. I have arrange the pictures into "matches" 1,2 and 3. So two of one colour are Vs. two of the other. When you go to vote, you can cast only 1 vote per "match", so you can only cast 3 votes in total.

Per example:

Match 1 - user voted 'yellow'
Match 2 - user voted 'yellow'
Match 3 - user voted 'sand'

Easy. For the majority, yes.

N.B. Because some teams submitted less then the above might not be possible.

Match 1:



Pale Green:

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.

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^somebody get this man 30 million dollars.
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both pale greens made me laugh especialy the second one, who is that?
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The attenion to detail of keeping everything green in the first pale green pic is very nicely done.

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Lmao I love the pale green food junk on 3rd pics face

...Is 2nd pic naked ?

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Oh my God pale green's first one is epicly disgusting.

Not THAT kind of cream-pie!

The UG Bukkake Challenges have shaped up to become an excellent event so far.

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I may have not been able to send in a pic, but at least I voted.

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i voted silver for the flour power sign. i lol'd.
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...

The last pic looks like a mug shot, but instead of his name he has 'UG' and for some unexplained reason he shoved a pizza in his face
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The last pic looks like a mug shot, but instead of his name he has 'UG' and for some unexplained reason he shoved a pizza in his face

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