I have several different pots for a pedal build I have planned but don't know what values they need to be and for specific purposes. If you know please tell me. If clarification is needed, it will be provided.

Bias pot (2 AC187s on one part of parallel circuit)
Voltage pot (See above)
Gain pot (pre-tube part of parallel circuit)
Master volume pot (Post-tube)
Blend pot (master)
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Can you be more vague?

Yeah, clarification is needed.
What type or pedal, what transistors, etc. for starters.
Volume pots are usually audio taper.

Why do people come on here and say stuff like "I'm building a pedal and need to know what kind of pots I need"? (And yes I have seen those questions).
If you need help, you need to give a little more information.

"I wanna make a sandwich, what kind of bread should I use?".