Ok so ive got a johnson stratocaster and it came with standard emg pickups, been looking to upgrade them and wondering what it will cost, what pickups to get eg humbucker etc, i mainly play rolling stones, led zeppelin, dire straits all classic stuff but i wouldnt mind being able to have a neck pickup that will handle muse and metallica. nooby question i know but any help wuld be much appreciated ..
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check out the everything axe combo by duncan. it fits into the three single coil slots on a strat but its an HSH setup and if you get coil tapping wired into it (get a tech to do it, even if you can by the time youre done you would be willing to pay not to have had to go through the headache) you would have a huge pallate of tones. if not for the bridge pickup dimarzio makes a single coil sized tone zone, an awesome humbucker that produces many odd harmonics and has an auhhh-half open wah pedal sound to it.