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Your post completes me.

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I think you've won this thread.

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darthteet just scored big on the win scale.
Oh dang man, I'm in a sticky situation you are in. You should look at the fast food restraunt Sonic, they hire 14 yr olds and do some paper routes.

and the physical labor- Mowing and you know...
I got the first job I could get... ahh, those were the good ol' days, the guy who pretends to be busy so the McDonald's wasn't too boring
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The punji sticks only work if you use your own feces. Most brand names aren't reliable.

All I gotta do is put on a cool face...
Get a job at a family owned restaurant or something. Don't work for a big name place, restaurant or store, because they could give a shit about you. But sometimes, family owned places can be pretty cool.
Check your local mall. A lot of times if they have an information desk it has a directory that lists age requirements for most of the stores there.
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fast food resturaunt somewhere, or a regular resturant as a
host/ busboy/ dishwasher,
grocery stroes are good too
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be the music, not the scene
Lawn care during the summer anyway.

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.
swim instructor in a rich area. rich people love sending their kids to learn how to swim. i used to get $12 an hour.
i know for sure you can get a job at hollister. easy. you're supposed to fold clothes in the front or back of the store. but you can really just stand around, chill, and talk, and as long as you just look busy when managers see you, youll be alright.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Chef Strato-Massacre: Cooking shitstorms since that comment.

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Damnit why are you full of so much win
Landscaping crew. I started on one at age fifteen during the summers. Worked 55+ hour weeks, but damn I had a lot of money.

Or something easier like... a lifeguard or something.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
All your base are belong to us.
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swim instructor in a rich area. rich people love sending their kids to learn how to swim. i used to get $12 an hour.

this isn't a bad idea. i got paid $20/hour with this one kid, and $30/hour and a half with another.
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Depends on how old you are really. Most places only hire 16+. If you're older than sixteen the choices are pretty vast
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As usual Natrone's mouth spouts general win.

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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

Rest In Peace Stevie Ray
I work at a movie theater and we hire at 16 so maybe check those. Besides, free passes = win.
Shut up about the prostitute jokes. It's not funny.
Get a job as a telemarketer. People will hate you, but you get paid. You also get a cut of everything you sell.
You stole my Overture
maybe tutor other kids? People pay good money for that
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I got a job at a gas station at 15, you should try that
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Nude model for that 50 something year old neighbor.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Hey guys could you spare a minute to Vote for my band. Go to the site Search our band Listana with CTRL+F for quick and vote Thank you .
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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
Mcdonalds is good when you don't have to do open or close shifts cause its just a total bludge!
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Dude I got these strings the other day that couldn't be tuned to higher than 4 octaves below middle C then I realized that they were shoelaces and they weren't making any sound at all.
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Try to get some gigs.

Or go work at Tim Hortons.
I'm that dude with the fro.
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Long story short, a whale flew out of the ocean, landed next to me and shot like a wall of water straight into my face.
Grocery store/fast food/stores in the mall
Also, the park district in my town hires mainly high schoolers to water/weed the various flowers around town. They usually have more than a handful of good looking girls too
This is what you do:

You and a friend go downtown on Friday and Saturday nights, and taxi drunk people and their cars home. Charge them a shitload, they wont care if they are smashed.

A couple of guys I knew in high school did this, and they made close to $500 a week, working only Friday and Saturday.
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playing by yourself is like masturbating, sure it feels great, but it's nothing compared to the real deal.

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Oh Shit! I Have A Weird Growth On My Body!

To The Pit!

45 days without my precious UG...

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Arnt the first few things anyone learns on a guitar is

1. Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
2. Prince - Smoke on the water
3. White stripes - seven nation army
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