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I have a little dilema that maybe someone can help me with.Ok here we go,tomorrow(which is Halloween of course) I have this gig at a party and the catch is everyone has to be in a costume.If I do not have a costume I will not even be able to get into the party.So here is the problem,in true slacker style I have waited until tonight to start worrying about a costume.I have no way of getting to a costume shop and I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas for making a costume out of anything from around the house.This would be very helpful,and thanks in advance to anyone who comes up with any ideas.
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take a quick trip to KFC for a large bucket and get a michael meyers mask and you could be buckethead. a raincoat or hoodie would help too and youll get the"props" all the kids are talking about these days for having a music related costume.
little late eh?hmm.
take a white sheet, cut two holes in it, drape it over yourself, BAM! your a ghost.


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dress as hitler. Kids love hitler.

oh yeah and I forgot to mention the costume needs to be a little comfortable because i have to play the show in it
In our attempt to seek individualty,we have all become the same

Im so hardcore I could kick a puppy right now
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I am going with a mini skirt, wig, and fake breast tomorrow.

just one?
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put on a top hat and buy a cig and ur slash
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just one?

Yea I normally wear sandals all the time so I could only find one sock.
flanel shirt, jeans, cowboy hat (or baseball cap), dirt, boots and some scruff and youre a cowboy! then at the after party you have a excuse to drink wiskey from the bottle! haha, at least thats what im doing.
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Go Charlie Brown style - a sheet with LOTS of holes. chicks dig holes
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Go to walmart tomorrow and buy straight leg khaki shorts and a khaki suit jacket. Then get a kinda beret like hat. after buying this get some red dye and dye all of these items red. wear dress shoes and calf-high white socks, then BAM! You're Angus Young!
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take a pic of yourself, print it, wear it as a mask. also known as a troll! Ba-dum chi!
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sh*t im just going to wear my black Combat boots over my skinny jeans with a hoody and a ski mask.
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take a pic of yourself, print it, wear it as a mask. also known as a troll! Ba-dum chi!


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wow i didn't even notice that
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