This is the first song I've written lyrics for so critiques from everyone are welcome. Its kind of long but so is the song so go easy on it. C4C as best I can



Swimming through unconsciousness
The dream won’t give
The dream that compromises one mans
Will to live
The dream in which the fire burns
Within the soul
The dream in which destruction reigns
The darkness whole

Slipping into comatose
I’d rather wake than face my foe
The monster that’s surrounding me
A haunting ghoul that no on sees
With glowing eyes and knowing grin
He urges me complete my sin
With sleep comes fear awake I’m free
I’ll soon be plunged into a sea

Of fear

It burns
A change
Of tides

I gaze at streets of emptiness
I am alone
The world is dead all life is gone
The fault my own
This is not what he promised me
No town of gold
The dream goes on no pyres for
The kings of old

Slip into the realm of sleep
I pray to god my soul he’ll keep
The demon who’s tormenting me
Says do the deed and I’ll be free
Of fear of pains most violent sting
The price is great as anything
A treason that confounds the mind
The slaughtering of all mankind


In this dream
He shows me
A world of peace we’ve never seen

No longing
No more want
More plenty than we can bring

In his eyes
Frozen fire
I can see beyond his guise

Towering spires
Streets of gold
Behind his words I sense a liar

I can’t decide
A choice
My fate still hides
Can my
Soul be redeemed
If he’s
Not as he seems

The end
I may bring
If I do
This dreadful thing
But peace
I can achieve
If his words
I do believe

Is this choice mine
If I am wrong
On flesh he’ll dine
If peace
Is what we seek
Give the world
Unto the meek

If his task
I don’t complete
Them y heart
Shall cease to beat
Gods denied
Forsaken son
My choice is made
The deed is done


The things he swore to bring to me
Do not exist
Pain and fear surrounding me
I shook my fist
And sacrificed the living earth
And all mankind
The dream came true a warning to
A feeble mind
The reward for my treason is
An empty land
Delusions of a splendid world
Bring nothing grand

I cannot sleep I live a dream
I walk alone as it may seem
I’m living in a burning hell
Because my soul I would no sell
To preserve my entire race
Meander through an endless space
I stumble through an endless maze
Waiting for the end of days

To come
Sig What?