I played bass for like a month last year...and I still have my bass, it's a Yamaha, but it gets the job done. I bought it off of my friends uncle for $100 bucks, plus a gig bag, picks, a strap, some amp cords and a shit load of tab from random bands. Anyway, I'm picking it back up and I'm just wondering if there is any scales I should practice, basically, what should I do to get started again?
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if there is any scales I should practice

All of them, and arpeggios and a lot of jamming everyday and work on things you're not very good at and keep trying songs you can't play until you're able to.
Hey dude,
I figured you'd get alot more help on here then what I could type to you on the computer or what I could show you in person. There are quite a few good bassist here on this forum, so hopefully more people can chime in and help you out a bit. I agree with pwrmax about learning all your scales, and your arpeggio's.

Besides that, I haven't hung with you in a while, so I really don't know what you're looking to play. Naming some bands and such would good too, that way you can get suggestions on what songs would be good for you to start out with. So what are you actually looking to play anyways?

Oh yeah, and if you're practicing, I'd suggest using a metronome. Depending on how good you actually want to get, it'll take alot of practice. I'd practice whenever you have time dude, and use a metronome for most/all of the stuff you're trying to learn. Jamming with people helps alot too, but I'm sure you already know that much.
The best thing to do is just get aquainted with the instrument. Get used to the way it sounds and what it feels like. Build those callouses. And learn music theory! If you ever have a question the bass forum is always open to you but be sure to check the FAQ and the searchbar before asking a question.
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