First off, i would have put this in S&L but i figured it would be better suited the pit's style. If too many people have a problem with that i can delete the thread. That said, here's a humorous poem

The Cop

One night I'm in my driveway
Smoking my bong
Yellin' fuck the police
At the top of my lungs
When i open my eyes
Well what do I see
But a cop in his car
Just starin' at me
"Oh fuck" I yell
As i run back inside
Trying to look for
A good place to hide
"Get back here kid"
I hear that pig squeal
And i hear the screech
Of the cop car's wheels
A few seconds later
I hear my doorbell
"Oh fuck" I think
"I'm goin' to jail"
I bust out of my garage
Into my driveway
I run up to that cop
And to him I say
"Please sir" I say
"Just don't tell my mom"
"Relax kid" he says
"I just want to hit that bong"
I liked it, but I think it goes in the S&L
R.I.P. Jeb

I like. For teh lulz.
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Thought it was pretty good. I think it's in the wrong forum section though.
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