Hey everybody - anybody know of a good way to chain multiple stereo effects pedals together? I running my signal out of my pedalboard into two separate amps, but the problem is most stereo pedals that have two outputs only have one input, so chaining them together is a problem. Anybody have any suggestions on how to do this?
Don't they have mono outputs too? Maybe run the first few mono and then run the last one stero. That or a y cable ought to work.
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there isnt a simple way around this. by simply daisy chaining pedals together you are gonna be stuck with you last effect being the only one in stereo. a y cable will simply be put right back mono when it hits your next pedal, unless you pedal has a trs input (stereo in one cable essential) than it would work, but i doubt your pedals have this. then again i dont know what your running so im just speculating.
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Uhmm well you could get a y cable that goes from the last stereo cable and runs directly into the Left side (for example) and have the other side of the cable go into the mono pedals for the right side.