I have a Rhoads RR24 but the thing is, I work out of town a lot so I have a crappy guitar that I take with me to practice in my hotel room. I don't like this crappy guitar at all though. I don't even want to play it.

So what I want to do is get a new hotel guitar. I want to get the rhoads shape. I started looking at an X series Rhoads.

There are a few things I would like to know first.

Is the neck shape different between and X series rhoads and my RR24.

Is the X series have a bad quality build?

Then I heard that the RR3 is a better choice because it is so much for only a little bit more money.

I am going to check all of these things out at store before I buy it, I just wanted to know if its worth checking out or should I be looking somewhere else all together.

Thanks guys
No matter what you do, you can always get a better deal used.

taking a new guitar out of the store devalues it almost 40% for most cheaper guitars. And yes, i pulled that number out of my butthole.

If you don't like the guitar you bought used (but you probably will cause with the same money you just bought a nicer guitar) then you can turn around and sell it for the same price as long as you don't wage war with it when you play it.
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the RR3 is a good guitar but it only has 22 frets compared to the 24 on the RR24
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Quote by Pintara_jackson
the RR3 is a good guitar but it only has 22 frets compared to the 24 on the RR24

and it has a LFR instead of a OFR like the RR24
build an RR?
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