Hello everyone, Names Scott. I'm pretty familiar with this site and I'm a huge fan indeed, but I'm seeking some help, I'm not yet adept with my mustang, as In I can barley play, I'm looking for some lessons, that will help me build up speed and hand strength, I'm having alot of trouble playing hammer-ons and finding notes in tablature on the fretboard quick enough as well, I havne't yet really sat down and tried to play a song yet, because my hands just won't do what I like them to. So I'm looking for lessons I can hammer into my skull and hands, to get me ready to start playing some music,I can currently play the picking to Be like that by three doors down, but thats the extent of my ability, Ive been looking at lessons already, but it feels like my aim is misguided. I apprciate teh help Thanks so much in advance.
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Thought for a sec you meant the car, I was like, "Yes! I can finally spread some car knowledge!". The moment you said 'lessons' you crushed my dreams like a terrified Japanese fellow on a cockroach.
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TS, whenever I see your username, I misread it as "isuckhardcocks."

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Thought for a sec you meant the car

Lol I sometimes wish I meant the car
learn major chords first
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My advice would be to go to the guitar & bass basics forum. It is in the instruments section. You can also learn a lot about your guitar, other guitars, and amps in there. I'll be happy to help in that section.
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