My guitar has fret buzz on the 2nd fret of almost every string.

how do i get rid of it, but still keep my action as low?
file down that fret

edit: find the fret causing the buzzing n file it down
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Take it to a tech and get it professionally set up. It could be your truss rod needs an adjustment, but your best bet is to get a setup. If nothing else, just raise the action. Does it buzz when you play the strings open, or when you fret at the second fret?
holyshit balls...filing your guitar....theres so many other things that can be the problem... like action... or you need a truss adjustment... if your not sure go take it 2 a shop
Yeah, you probably need some more relief in the neck (i.e., loosen the truss rod). It's not rocket science, but if you do it wrong you can break the rod (not good). If you're not comfortable doing it, take it to a tech for a setup.

EDIT: sorry, originally said tighten, meant loosen