well, i dont know where to post this, sorry if it isnt the right forum.

in the next week my band will play in the school, but there is a problem, the cold.
we have a practice pre-gigs before the gig day,and the gig will be outside in the football field, but it is very difficult to play with my stiffy fingers. there is a way to keep my fingers warmer? beside gloves, what can i do? drink something hot like coffe or tea? thx in advance
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just warm up by playing beforehand. give yourself enough time and you'll be good
Do like what the quarterbacks do, just warm your hands as often as possible, say during a drum solo or in between songs. That or be extreme and set your hand on fire, that'd look kinda cool.
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hand warmers before the show, practice vigorously as long as you can before you go on stage to warm your hands up and if you really need it a massage in a sinkful of hot/warm water right before you go on to get your hands warm inside out.
Wear loads of layers, like 4 long sleeve shirts, sweatshirt, thermal underwear/ long johns, thick jeans, wool type hat, etc...

Your hands only get cold if your body does. The body tries to keep the internals organs warm by restricting flow to the extremities.

The warmer you keep your core the warmer your hands will be.

Also park an SUV near the stage and blast the heat while your inside.