so i have a les paul and a pretty darn heavy hard case for it. im planning on taking my guitar to school tomorrow... but i honestly cant deal with the weight..the guitar alone is heavy enough.
i was wondering, would it be wise to just use my acoustic soft case?(dreadnought sized, but well padded) it fits loosely but i wont be traveling a lot with it . verdict?
What's wrong with that?I do that all the time because my hardcase is too freaking heavy. Although it sorta kill the purpose of getting a hardcase.
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if you really care about your gear i wouldnt risk it. you never know when some smart ass will try to mess with it or "accidently" step on it and break it. good luck.
Hardcase. Protect your investment at all costs. Just think, "What would I do without it"
les paul headstocks are very delicate, so better add some extra care. just my cent.
If all else fails, you better contact your mother! COME ON!