My girlfriend of two years just left me. I'm beyond sad, borderline suicidal right now. I wrote this to try and gain some composure. Its not really a song, just a poem

Betrayal lingers in this air tonight
Like poison, a shadow creeps in my veins
praying for the end
My body, my heart can't take much more
Awakened at last my mind unfolds
Blood in the heat of passion now grown cold
Bitter and useless my soul leaves me
The empty shell inside
The shell of a man
The man it used to be
Gone, and long since forgotten
I lay here, on this cold bed of hate
Knife in one hand, life in the other
You can save me
Just reach, I'm right here hoping, praying, waiting
For your embrace
Your love
That I know will never come
I'd appologize, but it matters not
I think I'd rather just stay.... forgot