Well, I have a few questions. 1. Does the scale of a neck affect the tone of a guitar, like a different wood will affect the tone?

2. I like the sound of the Epiphone LP Custom. However, the neck feels slightly uncomfortable. Would it be possible to get an LP-style neck, but have it be the same "shape" or "dimension" as a Fender Strat neck? If so, what would need to happen as far as measurements, and where could I find a neck and such. If possible, I'd prefer the neck to look like an LP neck, rather than a Strat neck. Just have the Strat neck "scale."
different woods most definitely affect tone in my opinion.

and by uncomfortable do you mean too bulky? But as far as I know its going to be a total bitch replacing necks.
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different woods most definitely affect tone in my opinion.

and by uncomfortable do you mean too bulky? But as far as I know its going to be a total bitch replacing necks.

Yes. Bulky. It's like the difference in gripping a baseball bat, then a hockey stick, then broom pole. xD
1st: The epi LP custom would most likely/ definately be a set neck, meaning no, you can not replace it with a bolt on neck.
2nd: Fender strat necks have a different scale length, so you will have to route out the wood underneath the fretboard back towards the nut, depending on the scale length, or you will have to add a shim in...
So pretty much no, you can't do it unless your really REALLY good with tools...

If you want the epi custom sound but a strat neck, You can either build your own body, or buy a lp body with a bolt on neck pocket, build or buy a strat neck, buy the exact same pickups in the Epi LP (you'll find that out yourself from google) and then buy the harware...
1) Yes scale length will affect tone

The shorter you make it, the lower the tension in the strings will be, so you loose clarity and eventually get muddyness, the longer you make it the higher the tension, clarity goes up until you get piano like tones (obviously it wont sound like a piano its a comparison to the strings in each instrument, I dont quite no how to explain this, but yeah theres a difference).

2) You cant really 'just replace a set neck' you can if you want but its a pain, if you really wanted a different neck you could re shape the existing one and refinish it, slightly easier than replacing it.

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A good luthier could probably get you a slimmer neck for your LP. It'd cost though.

And remember that while longer scale gets better tone, shorter is arguably easier to play.

If you want LP tone but strat playability, you'll probably want a different guitar. It'll be easier and maybe even cheaper.
^ for what you'd pay a luthier to strip your finish, shape you neck, respray, etc. you're better off buying a body/neck from warmoth - they have LP style bolt on bodies and sell fender scales and profile necks.
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I have a warmoth conversion neck on a strat. Looks like a LP neck and has the same scale but has the strat neck profile. But you either gotta use a strat body or a wamoth body.
For the cost of having a setneck LP's neck replaced, you could just have the existing neck shaved down slimmer and then re-finished.

Or as others have said, do something like a Warmoth build. they can cost a lot and you have to be really sure you know exactly what it is you're ordering, but if you know your stuff and are confident you can fit it together properly, the quality is as good as can be and the sheer fact that they can make you pretty much anything is worth it by itself.
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