hey everybody
I am on the market again for a small tube amp
somewhere along the lines of a 15 watt.

I play mainly classic rock like pink floyd, eric clapton, led zeppelin, GnR, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix,...........

I am looking at spending somewhere around 400 dollars a little more or less is not really a problem.
I am thinking about two different amps right now. The Blackheart bh15 handsome devil or the Fender hot rod blues deluxe NOS on the scrath 'n dent deal of MF. Now I know that the Fender won't give me any good distortion sounds but it would probably give me a very beautiful clean base to hook some pedals on to get whatever sound I need. I really don't know anything about the blackheart since I could not find any at the local dealer. so can anybody tell me how they sound.

does anybody have any other suggestions?

thank you
Budget, styles, genre?

Never played the blackheart, but the BJ is good for anywhere from cleans (not much headroom) to blues and classic rock. Definitely try them first if I was you.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
budget is 400 dollars like I said and genre is classic rock

ahmm the next major city would be Detroit
Sorry, had too much too drink. Either of those would do well, though I'd try them in person and see for yourself.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
haha np man I know what you mean.

yeah I should but I could not find the blackheart in any store near me.
blackhearts like the best possible thing for you it sounds like
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Blackhears ARE hard to find. Crates will be that way soon to I imagine. Wonder what's next for them.

Here's some stuff to look into:

5150 combo $600 (a little heavy for what you listed tho and over budget)

Peavey Classic 30 *AND* a Squire for $600 (INTERESTING)

Carvin Legacy 100w combo $500 (yummy)

Ampeg VL1002 $500 (know nothing - looks like a tube - cab too)(prolly brutal)

Fender Hot Rod Delux 40w $400 (nice amp, very loud, need pedal for sure, more for cleans)

Mesa Boogie Studio .22 $450 (know nothing but looks sweet)

OK. Well, that was just stuff posted today. Lots of stuff man. Go to Musica Instruments under For Sale section after finding Detroit and type in 'amp'
I've only found BlackHeart amps at smaller music stores. Nothing at anything the size of SamAsh or Guitar Center.

That being said, I was only able to plug into the Little Giant. I was hoping to try out the Handsome Devil but they didn't carry that one. Possibly because they also had a few Orange Tiny Terror amps and didn't want to cannibalize their market.

It sounded great to me, but I'm a hack who can barely play so take that opinion for what it is worth ;-)
blues jr is one of the best amps i've ever played in all the guitar center trips i've made. although if it was me a year ago, i would tell you to go buy a blues jr. but... i've grown out of that.

blues jr is a nifty little amp that has a lot of versatility, and quite a potential. however, it is NOT the greatest sounding amp straight out of the box. Fender uses a cheap speaker that i started to hate after about a month since the purchase. i made a speaker change, and couple of tube changes, i modified it a little (like 10 spots, with new parts and soldering irons) and i'm 100% satisfied with the sound i get. using my stratocasters, from crystal clean to pete townshend's the who crunch to all out aerosmith, it's a monster now.

i never played a blackheart. sorry
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out of those two...blackheart. the fender would do the Floyd better i suppose...but the others are all gonna be owned by the blackheart. the fender will have more sparkly cleans, but i prefer british voiced cleans....more fat....thicker. the natural OD on a blackheart is pretty beautiful too. with a nice OD, you're gonna cover everything up to thrash metal.
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The blackheart is more versatile, the BJ is more of a blues, coutry rock amp if anything, its bomb for cleans and alternative, but for what you want definately the BH.