I’ve wrote an original Metal Jazz Fusion tune. It’s an instrumental one.

Standard jazz chord harmonies are implied with metal guitar riffing, and improvisation is used for solo.
So it's a "jazz-implied metal", not an "jazz-influenced metal"~~

Here, first track, "Apocalypse"

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Okay this is NOTHING like any of the jazz\metal stuff I've found on here. This is the real deal, the real crossover between the very different genres. I am truly amazed at this, seriously it has inspired me as I am both a huge fan of jazz and metal. And you are a great sax player I must say!

Crit mine?
Sounds I don't know. Hard to explain lol. It sounds pretty tight, everything is together. I like the little solo/medley that starts at 1:20, I think that's played twice right? I think it sounds really great with the background as does the one that starts at 2:10. You managed to balance out the genres out evenly if that makes sense. It's not like the song is lopsided towards jazz or metal their both presented there pretty nicely. I think you should continue making these kinds of songs and you could really pull off some great new sounding things. You had certain instruments doing certain genre roles. Drums were metal as was the rhythm guitar, and then you have the lead instruments playing jazz melodies, maybe try different combinations on your next song or switch in and out of specific generes, like have a jazz melody that goes into metal then quickly back to jazz and see what you come up with. I thought it was good dude keep it up for sure.

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Pretty awesome stuff. While I think it's amazing that you can blend the two genres so well, there are moments when it's too much. I think the sax solos are a bit overkill considering the rhythm that is going on under them, but besides that it's pretty awesome. The jazz chords on the keys behind the metal riffs are pretty cool, and your proficiency on all of the instruments is very high. Really original stuff, good job.

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That's pretty tight music right there. Mind if I include a song in my school presentation?
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As a fan of both Genres i can say you present some great qualities from each. I ove the section around 1:30 but... i think the....well actually im not sure what instrument you used for the melody around there i wanna say sax but it almost sounds like a guitar and i also wanna say keyboard, but anyways that could have had some lower tones in it, it sounds almost piercing and was a little painful (physically lol not emotionally) to listen to and i love the metal riff around 2:40 great stuff.

In general i think these are balanced quite well although the constant metal pounding did agitate me a little but it made every segement that was lighter that much more enjoyable. Good job!

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Woah that was good, excellent mix and it was well balanced. Good job man!
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Very nice. I don't like the driving beat in some of the songs; I feel like more of a lighter tapping style of beat would be better, but I like it. I give it the stamp of Alright.
I really wanted to like the song because I think you are on the verge of really mixing the two genres in the right proportions. You are a very good musician and the recording sounds great! A few things to consider, though:

I felt as if, even though it initially seemed "fresh" and unique, the song was essentially just plain old, standard fare jazz mixed with standard fare heavy metal. It seems like the novel mix should eliminate the "staleness" of the individual ingredients but unfortunately it doesn't quite.

I didn't really dig the jazz chords in the context of the song. I think you may need to experiment with this a little more to see what you can do to make it sound just right. As it is, I felt like it made the metal parts sound muddled and too distorted and the clean jazzy parts sound "clicky" and too round.

Ultimately, I was really impressed with your musicianship. The songwriting lags a little behind but I am sure you will be able to improve very quickly!
Hahaha nice!!! I like it a lot. Very good job. It's really entertaining, and the solo is awesome. Check mine out ?