Remember, remember, 1605
A guy, Guy Fawkes, a cadre
The plan was perfect
And it was worth it
If it weren’t for the traiter
Remember, remember, the flawed conspirator
Who bares the name Sir Tresham
A letter was composed
It ruined and imposed
He wasn’t charged with treason
Remember, remember, the hint, the trigger
That disfigured the revolutionary plot
Remember, remember, this porcelain figure
He should never be forgot

This is just a little ditty. suggestions are more than welcome!
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I literally just put up my 'V for Vendetta' poster on the wall, not five minutes ago.

I like it, though it's little more than the beginning of a dark folk song. (pst: you get that? beginning. keep going.)
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I like it. Reminds me of the original but you make your own showing of it.

Just curious, was trader supposed to be traitor?

If you want you can go crit one of mine in my sig.

fixed, yeah i guess I missed that. haha, thanks.