okay, basically what i did was i used lem oil on my frets... after they dried u can see the grains in my frets, and theres dirt in them... how do i clean this and make my frets as smooth as possible? please help cause i spent like $1000 on my guitar
Well, the main purpose of lemon oil is to condition a rosewood or ebony fretboard, it doesn't do anything (good or bad) to your frets. One of the best ways to polish frets however, is 0000 (four dot) steel wool. First run the wool up and down the length of the neck to get most of the grit off of both the frets and the fretboard (do NOT go against the grain of the wood). Next mask off the fretboard on either side of a fret, and polish it with the steel wool, making sure to get every part of the fret. The masking tape is to keep from scratching the fretboard against the grain. After that, you should oil it, because the steel wool will have dried out the wood somewhat.

One last thing, make sure to never use either steel wool or lemon oil on a finished maple board. Steel wool will scratch it badly, and lemon oil just makes a mess.
You can buy fingerboard guards from Stewart McDonald. They come in a package of 6, for like $10. They're really thin strips of stainless steel that fit over the fret and protect the fingerboard while you polish the frets.
You can carefully use some Fine Valve Paste *engine stuff* to smooth the frets.

i wouldnt, but you can
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Use boiled linseed oil. $8.00 a qt at your local home store. It oils the wood then seals it after it dries. BTW great techs like Dan Erlewine use this. No need for lemon oil at all.