I've heard that amps and guitars in a smoke filled environment usually end up with damage. But the question is, is it safe to assume that its cigarette smoke that causes damage or all smoke in general. I like to burn incense in my room (I don't smoke) but I don't want it to mess up my AC30 or my Gibson (which stays in its case).

What do you think?
incense and amp on opposite sides of the room, and then a little fan just to blow any incoming smoke away from amp, that's what i'd do, not sure how good it would work, incense doesn't create that much smoke though does it?
That may work, I do have a small room though and the Incense fills it quite nicely. I guess it doesn't produce much SMOKE though... just sent. I mean, the room doesn't have a haze in it. But I would just like to be extra careful. I think its the same feeling about how you don't smoke next to an infant.

haha, I recall seeing that joke form another incense form while I was looking for a solution to this issue. Its still pretty funny, even if its completely unoriginal.

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