Okay I have a POS Casino. I say POS b/c it sounds thin and plinky.

I have narrowed it down to 4 suspects:

-tonewood itself
-hollow v. semi-hollow

The pu's are P-90's. I dont know anything 'bout p-90's, though some say the Casino has weak, low output pu's. IDK

The amp as a LOT of tone comes from amp. I have tried it in Fender Blues Jr. and Peavey Classic 30. I have only tried it in either only once, so I cant say much 'bout it either way. Although it seems to sound best with EL84's v. 6V6's

Someone in the acoustic thread said that Maple is better for back and sides as it amplifies the character, but doesnt do much in way of top woods.

Lastly, the Casino is COMPLETELY HOLLOW v. Semi-Hollow like the Dot.
Could the center block really make that much difference?

So if someone could answer me these questions, and provide some solutions or suggestions?