I was thinking about a distortion pedal that was like a wah/volume but went from clean (up) and evenly pushed up the distortion level to nasty (down) and kept the same or have preset volumes for both. It would probably need 2 channels but does it exist?
That's sort of a freaking sweet idea.
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I wish I had one...if its not out there someone should build one!
most multi pedals already have that, its called a gain pedal on mine so yeah it already exists and its a great idea
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If I had 2 separate channel inputs (or 2 heads) it would be a pretty simple pedal to build. I have another little practice amp and an old wah, I may try it out. Just have 1 input, 2 output and a balance pot. I am sure someone must make one of these?
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most multi pedals already have that, its called a gain pedal on mine so yeah it already exists and its a great idea

Cool thanks, I have never seen one!
I'm a firm believer in the good old fashioned volume knob.

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Technology is nice but its not always needed. Sometimes a simple solution will get the job done just as well with out one more piece of electronics to fail.

The again just using your volume knob would be the simplest solution.

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Demigawd nailed it. You could get a multi-effects unit, but distortion is the last thing you should be buying a multi-effects unit for. There's also the Z. Vex Fuzz Probe, but that's expensive. Stick with demigawd's idea, and just use it on your favorite regular distortion pedal.
Can U say volumeknob technique ala Satch, Vai and Van halen.

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You could build it in a wah housing using the wah pot as the gain control. Or build a pedal with 2 channels. I have a distortion like that I built. 1 side is a really heavy distortion the other side has less distortion but I added a switch that can add 2 different sets of clipping diodes or none depending on what I want. But I also use my guitars volume alot along with it.