This is quite a bit different from my other songs and is a hell of a lot more cohesive and concise. There's not much else that I could say about this; you'll just have to listen and see.

As always, the link to Tux (for those who don't have GP):
Good work.

Main riff has a nice beat on it, as did drums which kept it fresh and less repetitive seeming each time it was used.
Was nice and flowing - worked well together, my favourite part being the chorus riff and solo. I wouldn't say the drums were too much but perhaps die down for the solo a little, for everything else they were great.
45 - 48 didn't feel right to me and would probably be the only bit needing changed. Perhaps changing the harmony as it really didn't seem well amongst the bouncy, happy feel of the song.
I liked the idea of the small solo drum part afterwards, lead well into the chorus again away from that riff I didn't particularly like (in this type of song )
All in all not bad, and thanks for the crit on one of other pieces! 8/10
I pretty much agree with what the guy above me said, except I would add a little more saying that although the song is cool, that the main riff was repeated a bit too much.

Really like the 30 or so bars after the first solo, where there is a bit of a rythem thing then the two guitars take it in turn to solo, awesome stuff.

In my opinion, the main problem with this song is that is can't decide whether is wants to be happy and jumpy or random and discordant.
The main riff is great, really catchy. The lead and the rhtym guitars work great together. It does sound like ah feel good rock song but it gets kind of random at some parts. I think the drums don't fit the song's mood at some parts. Overall is a great song but you should work on how it flows.

Mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.
I'll check out some more of your other stuff.
You've got quite a collection.

I've been working on this song, addressing some of the things that you guys mentioned.
The drums have been toned down, but not completely reduced in that first solo.
Some of the melodies have been slightly tweaked, but not by much.
Wow, this really reminded me of Coheed and Cambria in some parts!

The main riff in particular, very C&C.
The lead and rhythm guitars flow really well together, and I actually quite like the Volta feel you put on the drums.

I also liked the solo a lot.
This whole song had great melody!

I'd give it an 8/10
You shall listen to Kamelot.
Really interesting stuff. I'm loving the groove vibe, and the in-and-out feeling of the harmonies sound great. The main riff kind of sounds to me like a Final Fantasy influenced post hardcore kinda thing to me, really unique.

You should get around playing this with a band or something, it would sound great live, and I'm sure it would gather tons of fans
Thats interesing. I like the main riff, i think that with some adds it would song too better.. The song makes me think, in some parts really it makes me remind some of the sega and nintendo games really xDD.. The solo was fine ! I know that i with real instrumentes will be sound really good. Good job
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