Ok so right now i have the opportunity to buy a Valve Junior head and i just want to make sure im doing the right thing. i currently have a vox ad30vt and only play at home or with my friends.. I play music such as hendrix, GnR, Zeppelin, Nickelback and RHCP. I will be purchasing more pedals as well and i was just wondering is this is a good choice?
I don't see the point when you've already got a Valvetronix.
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yeah the valve juniors are nice, with a good OD they give a nice crunch, go for it man.

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I purchased one a few months ago and sold it about 2 weeks later... If you have another amp you more then likely will not like it. I was thinking the same thing, hey it will be a fun but that it wasnt. But then again I have two other tube amps in the house... It was just to stail and dull for my tastes. And I was going to mod it which really makes come alive but wasnt worth the hassle to me. But to each there own, alot and I mean alot of guys love them..