I would rather trade than sell this guitar so i dont have to deal with paypal or checks or any of that. I'm looking for a Fender something. I would prefer something a little more interesting than a standard, but if you have put upgrades in the guitar, that will work. I would LOVE a blackout tele, but if you got something Fendery you'd trade, show me! Hell, if you have ANY guitar you want to trade for, show me, but im leaning more towards Fender right now so dont get mad at me if i choose a fender over your ibanez :thumb:

2006 PRS Tremonti SE with USA Tremonti treble and bass pickups added as well as a repainted matching silver headstock with a PRS decal. Sounds and plays great with no scratches, bumps, bruises, wear, or nicks, except for a small one between the bridge and bridge pickup that cant be seen when the guitar is being played. Other than that, it looks brand new. This thing is a tone MONSTER. Great cleans from the neck pickup and screaming leads from the bridge. Awesome guitar. Mark Tremonti himself says the SE Tremonti's play better than his high end Les Pauls.
Guitar comes with deluxe gigbag
These pickups are $100 each, so this guitar new a it is would cost $700!
This color is discontinued, so get it while you still can!
I have a Fender Celtic Showmaster that I will trade you. I have pics under my profile and i can email you some.

Its an awesome guitar, plays like a dream, super fast thin neck - lot smaller than my Strat neck. I just want a LP-type guitar, and the Tremonti's plays nicer than a LP - I agree.

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i got a sunburst fender standard strat stock. I can add an ovation cc057, if ur willing 2 add cash.
yo dude, i've got an american fender californian series strat to trade with, it's discontinued.

the upgrades i've done to it are,
it's fitted with a wikinson trem
ssh config with dimarzio virtual vintages in the neck and mid and an air norton in the bridge
orange drop caps added as well.

now thing is, i'm in singapore which is like halfway ard the globe. if you're interested nonetheless, drop me a pm and we can discuss frm there =)
The guitar is now for sale for $375 plus shipping (and fees if u do paypal; i prefer money order) with the Tremonti pickups in it. Great deal!
Blue Agave Standard Strat HHS.....Mint Condition....Professionally sanded and Tung Oiled neck