Okay.. ive learnt most of the basic chords but i really have no idea how to use the "chords" in the UG database..

Its like the lyrics with the chords above them but, how do i know when to strum and whatnot?

You mean like "x32010"? All that means is reading right to left, EADGBe, so you'd mute the low E, play 3rd fret on the A strong, 2nd on D, open G etc.
No, he means when to play the chords. You just have to listen to the song and work it out basically. After a while, you'll know when a chord change should be and how to play the chord on instinct.
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I see... Thanks. Btw, how would you play this by chord?:

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word

Em 022000
C 032010
D xx0232
G 320003

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Em 022000
C 032010
D xx0232
G 320003

you don't play the top E string in C. That would be C with an E in the bass.
Basically what the other guys said. It simply gives you the chords to play, but you have to find out how to play/when to play them and what not.

T'is why I never use them, mostly cause im a riff got not a chord guy.
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So the chords can be either stummed as one "note" and the stings plucked individually?

Sure can

You've gotta listen to the song to work out the strumming pattern
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