Yeah, It's got the ring of death, 3 red lights.

Im looking for the contact details for the repair centre in Havant.

Can anyone tell me the details?

It's under a year old so is it covered by warranty?

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judging by these 'ranks', I guess you were looking at Gibson guitars.

In that case, it goes (worst --> best)
special --> studio --> standard --> custom

When Gibson calls something "special", it's special in the way a retarded kid is.
PROTIP: 3 doesn't make a ring idiot. All 4 is the ring of death.
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I lost two original XBOX systems to the red ring of death, both after warranty. I will never buy another XBOX system or support their products again.

The official support number is:
They will tell you where you can get it fixed.

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PROTIP: 3 doesn't make a ring idiot. All 4 is the ring of death.

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