What does an FX loop do? I am looking at new amps especially the Fender Amps like the Hot Rod Deville, Super Reverb, and Twin Reverb. Do these have FX loops? Is a FX loop something i should consider when buying a new amp? I have like 5 effects pedals.
an fx loop is an "out" or send (like an aux send on a board) after the preamp and there's an "in", return, before the power amp. You put modulation effects in there so the sound (of the chorus/flange/other modualtion) wont be distorted by the preamp. I have a deville 212 and it has the loop
There is a good explanation in the 'Rules and FAQ' announcement at the top of the page. Tons of other good info as well.
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I have an Crate FXT 65 and it has three jacks. It has the main one, a jack that say's "Insert" and an External Speaker Jack. The manual said that the "insert" jack is to hook up before the power amp or something like that. Is this an fx loop? There is also to jacks in the back for the foot switch. How should i wire the effects pedals into the amp?