Well, I havent played my M-50 in a while, and i played some inside the fire on it. Its a lot cheaper guitar than my Les Paul, but I noticed some differences that I really liked. The neck is thin and comfy, the strings are closer, and the action can be lowered more. This gives the guitar a very fast feel, even though it is like a $200 guitar, I like it alot. The only thing that bugs me is the standard pickups, they sound fine, but there is no personality. Any ideas for pickups for it that would make my M-50 and LP combo more versital? Im looking for a disturbed/hard rock sound, with a little metal.
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I assume you're playing just open strings, so not to scratch your frets.
Duncan Invader or Distortion would be good.
JB and 59/Jazz is a great combination for anything from jazz to Metallica.
EMGs are great for Metal, but a bit of a one trick pony.
Bare Knuckle Nailbombs do metal great, and even have respectable cleans, but are steeply priced. Your call.
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alnico 2 duncans?


I've got an old EC-50 that currently has Alnico Pro II's in it and I love them.