What You Mean To Me

This can't be kept,
Short and simple,
You’re the red to my rose,
And the cheek to the dimple,
You’re the H to my O,
And the beat for my cymbal,
You’re the string to my guitar,
The wheel to my car,
The speed to my bike,
The tick to my nike,
The honey to my bear,
And the fun to my fair,
The sun to my light,
The darkness to my night,
The star for my gaze,
The fire to my blaze,
The artery to my heart,
My finish and my start,
The Einstein to my physics,
The distortion to my licks,
The blue to my sky,
The heat to my July,
The value to my gold,
The brave to my bold,
The red to the blush,
The whisper like a hush,
The anger in my scream,
The angel in my dream,
The sorrow in my sigh,
The delight in my hi,
The leaves to my autumn,
The balls to my scrotum,
The gold in my medal,
The battery in my pedal,
The fuel to my car,
The wood in my guitar,
The music to my lyrics,
The storywriter to my flicks,
The door to my room,
The bang to the boom,
The silence of my dawn,
The chess to my pawn,
The right to every wrong,
The tune to every song,
The teacher to my student,
The valor for the prudent,
You’re the notes in a song,
The difference between right and wrong,
The space to my ship,
The backbone to my hip,
The flavor to my dish,
The sorrow in my miss,
The green for my leaves,
The needle for the weaves,
The curtain to my window,
And the yes to every no,
The foundation to my building,
The warmth for my welding,
The pencil to my plan,
The woman for every man,
The high in alcohol,
Your my everything, My all.

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I'm sorry, but I can't stand this. If I was in love with someone, the best thing this would receive is an 'Aw well at least he tried; how cute.'
Take a few of the ideas you like a build off of them. There is very little that is genuine about calling someone 'the speed to my bike', 'the balls to my scrotum', 'the backbone to my hip', 'the warmth for my welding', etc., unless you are just dicking around. Take some of those lines that really mean something to you and elaborate rather than just trying to find things that rhyme and have a positive connotation.

Furthermore, you need to edit. 'The right to every wrong' and 'The difference between right and wrong' probably shouldn't be mentioned together.

Good intentions, I'm sure. Just spend some time on quality rather than quantity.
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