Like the title says, what order should i learn the scales in? Please make a nice list soo i can learn from it fast and simple.
I can play pretty good, i have learned lots of jimmy page's solos and its mostly build on the A what ive seen
Start with the major scale...that's all you need to worry about for the time being, it'll keep you going for a good few months. Read Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section to get you started.
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if you want to play Jimmy's solos then figure out what scales he use, but if you want to learn scales in general then try out:
(in order)
Minor Pentatonic Scale
Blues Scale
Major Scale
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More specifically, C Major, A minor, A minor Pentatonic and A blues scale, then learn all the modes, get comfortable in them, then learn G Major and E minor and get comfy with them, then start learning, A harmonic Minor, then A Jazz Melodic minor, then some diminished scales. . . . good nough?
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minor pentatonic and major, yes read JoshUrban's stuff it does help a lot
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Learn the modes and how they work. Start in the key of C. C Ionian (major), D Dorian, E phrygian, F Lydian, G mixolydian, A Aeolian (natural minor), B Locrian. Once you know the shapes you can play them in any key.

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If you're looking to really learn scales, fast shoulden't be an objective. Guitar isn't a race. Also, scales don't necessarily mean solos, they can impact all areas of your playing.
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