Still working on the name :P Wrote this song a couple of weeks ago, let me know what you think..

Also it's recorded in my profile.

Open the door, to let you in
to sing you a song, bad wording
I should have known, Comprendé
I guess I am my own best friend

Look to the sky,
Don't ever wonder why I
Aint ever coming back,
You had your chance,
to look me in the eye,
Never going back.

To live to die is called boredom,
So will you choose, something to lose?
I get my kicks from emotion,
A romeo without a clue.

No questions why,
If no tears to cry;
aint ever coming back
In solitary... I Strive

Shut the door, Silence is the Key
would do a full crit, but its looking pretty good ind ive got many weaker pieces i want to do tonight. the one bit i didnt like was the cliched rhyme why and cry at the end. the ideas are good, and so are the rest of the lines. but those two words turned me away. maybe get rid of the tears to cry line and put a new one in, maybe make a bigger build up to the emotional bomb of the last line.