Hey Everyone. This is my first time posting but I figured i might as well start somwhere. Anyway, my question is about putting Seymour Duncan Blackouts into my Ibanez RG2550z. First off, would they fit into the guitar without any body mods or pickguard mods (sanding, cutting, etc. ?) I have seen people put Blackouts in RG's with direct mount, but never in an RG with a pickguard. Second, would with Blackouts even sound good in my guitar which has a Basswood body?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
dude...basswood body and blackouts?
It will sound better than it does now but...It's not worth it trust me.
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^ This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

A very, very small percentage of your tone is the body wood, and even it mattered a lot, basswood is a perfectly fine tone wood.

Yes, the blackouts would fit just fine without any body modification, and there is likely to be enough room in your control cavity for the batteries.

The only problem is, your single coil would be passive, and mixing actives and passives in one circuit is a real bitch. It can be done it is just difficult.

I present 3 options:

1: If you don't use your single coil, just don't wire it in, have your guitar wired only for the 2 humbuckers.

2: If you use your single coil a lot, get an active single coil.

3: If you are skilled at wiring, mix your active and passives in one circuit. Look on EMG's website for a how-to.

Lastly, I would like to inform you that active pickups really should go trough a good tube amp to sound good. If you have a solid state amp, don't bother.
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Thanks, I use a Peavey XXX head through a XXX cab, the only pedals i use are a tube screamer for boost in edginess and i boss NS-2. What im actually considering doing is buying a new pickguard with only 2 humbucker slots in it (and no single coil slot) and then buying a 3 way switch instead of a 5 way, and just doing that. While I somtimes use the coil tap for cleans, I wouldnt be handicapped without a single coil.
The only practical problem i could see with it is how you change the batteries without having to take off the strings and pick guard each time.

Does the guitar have a rear access cavity?
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