I am resitting some AS music coursework where we have to rearrange a song into a different style. I did I'll Be There before and got average marks - because it wasn't changed in style enough.

This time I'm taking Police's Message in a Bottle and using Piano's and strings etc.

The MP3 up isn't a final Mix at all. Some volumes are still off. I'm hoping someone can step up and try and do vocals for it as I'm not a singer at all. You can check it on my profile. There is an instrumental section which I haven't recorded yet but over than that it's all there really.

It is all kinda half speed apart from the choruses which speed up.

Song Layout.

Verse 1 - 49 seconds
Verse 2 - 1.12
Pre-Chorus - 1.36
Chorus - 2.06
Verse 3 - 2.50
Pre-Chorus - 3.15
Chorus - 3.45
Verse 4 - 4.18
Pre-Chorus 4.42
Chorus 5.18


If you are willing to vocal it up please post up. I want the vocal track separate so i can mix it down at the end.

Any comments on how I can mix it down in terms of volumes would be appreciated too.
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That was interesting, but I really liked it. Could use a bit of polish, though. Crit mine(on me profile)