Hi, am I right in thinking there are four positions in which you can play the Pentatonic minor scale in full? I only know it in fifth pos.

I know the notes in the scale it's just I'm at a stage in theory where I'm trying to piece things together before then 'eureka' moment of clarity. so every litle bit of info is greatly appreciated..

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there are 5 i believe. couldnt name them all i only know the first three. sorry if thats not much help.
There are 5 standard patterns, which can be played in any position.

a "pattern" is the shape as it can be seen on the neck, a "position" is a particular location on the neck. Alot of people confuse those terms for some reason.
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yeah there are 5 and when you learn them you can play it in any key because theyre all the same they just start on different spots on the neck
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No. There are plenty of patterns for the scale, many more than five.

I believe he was correcting the use of the term " positions", ( which should have read patterns as he suggests), not how many patterns there are.
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