Okay, I am in a band, and I play guitar. Well I was in a band, but then it sorta faded, but I'm going to start another band. If you look at my lyrics, it will probably give the idea I write some heavy songs, not like screamo, but more on a System of a Down level(the music I write ranges from Bloc Party to Slipknot, it's everywhere). And in terms of stage prescence, the guitarist who inspires me is Daron Malakian(when he used to be more energetic). Foxy Shazam is fun to watch to. That's how I am in general, if I were to ever get a live gig, I'd be the one all over the place, my cousins a bassist, and he's the same way I am, so this is really for him to.

But my question is, how do you do that without making yourself look stupid. Because I like being energetic, but I've recorded myself before, and it ends up looking stupid in some cases. So should I just ignore it and have a good time, or are there ways to tell when I'm overdoing it and making a fool of myself?
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lets see the recordings
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you get +1 for mentioning foxy shazam.

It's not like they get up there and just do whatever they want though, If you see multiple shows you will notice that they generally do a lot of the same stuff. You really gotta practice doing backflips and shit before you start dishin' em out on stage.
I know it doesn't sound cool, but just keep filming yourself so you can correct all the stuff that is making you look stupid, just make sure to lock your door...
Foxy Shazam is the first band I ever bought a CD from, I love them. And yeah, they honestly do seem to do the exact same thing for every show, so they are most likely used to it. I hate bland shows, because I'm one of those people who enjoys watching live shows alot, and I hate watching live bands that just stand there and perform. They can have a perfect performance. But I'd rather see a band moving up and mess up a few times then see a band stand perfectly still and play perfectly.

That's why I'd make sure the audience had a bit of entertainment, which is why I am how I am energy wise(although I'm really quiet in person).
And as for the recordings, haha, dude they are so bad. I don't know, I might re-record myself since I've improved in playing since those videos anyways. So when I get access to a camera I'll post it and ask for opinions :]