can any1 give me some songs for a beginner, i can read guitar tab, any sugestions will b apreciated
... I have no idea. I started playing guitar at a comparatively high level (2 years playing bass, and I always messed about). Andrew WK?

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What kind of music do you like and are you learning on an acoustic or electric?
well Glasgow Kiss! no thats what I'm playing you should start with like...Sweet Home Alabama? thats pretty easy
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my first song was sublime - rivers of babylon
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Well if you want an easy song I would recommend "Sunshine of your love" by Cream (this is good finger exercise for beginners).
Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Rape Me - Nirvana
Thunder Acoustic - Boys Like Girls
Still Loving You - Scorpions [ Play the chords ]
Carnival Of Rust - Poets of The Fall

or if you aiming at learning lead [Solos]
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Hate - Plain White T's
pretty much any rhythm section of ccr's songs are good to learn at

wish you were here pink floyd

eventually learn the acoustic part of hotel california, its always fun to play

its hard to find fun songs to play sometimes
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I would highly recommend that you give Fear the Dark by Iron Maiden a try... at least the intro and the chorus parts. They are VERY easy and it sounds very badass ! Also there are a lot of youtube videos on the correct fingering if your having trouble.
I also just started, and I found Staind - Outside, Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects, pretty easy to learn and they fund q:
I started recently , try playing
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Holiday - Green Day
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In my case, it worked out that YEARS ago my guitar instructor would ask me to bring in recordings of songs for which there was an interest on my part to learn to play. This happened on cassette - before CDs EVER appeared on the market. It was just a matter of watching him learn the bass lines to the songs, and then figuring out the chords from the base lines and the fingering from the chords.

After a while of watching HIM do it over-and-over again for a year or so, it dawned on me that it was easier for me to learn the songs on my own! My parents would pay the the guy ten or 15 dollars for a half-hour lesson. Just keep your wrist as low as possible, and you will be fine!

My suggestion would be to take the lessons for a month, see if you are getting better at playing the thing as the month progesses. Then set a goal for three months. Then set another goal of six months. Learning on an accoustic is MUCH more difficult than learning on an electric, but it is the better option because you will ALWAYS be able to play the electric if you LEARN on the acoustic. Learning on the acoustic keeps you honest!

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Epiphany by Staind (acoustic)
I am the highway by Audioslave
Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
Be Like That by 3 Doors Down

just a few that I learned when I was first starting out. Learn a few easy songs, but the key to getting better is really pushing yourself once you understand the basics. Learn more challenging songs more often. I try to learn one song every day, or every couple days.
Iron man (black sabbath)
shout at the devil (motley crue)
against the wind (bob seger, great to learn how to switch chords)
Parranoid(black sabbath)
knocking on heavens door (bob dylan version)
lick it up (kiss)
rythem guitar for cat scratch fever (ted nugent)
a lot of the beatles early recordings
back in black(ac/dc)

there's a lot of them just remember to play it untill you can play it perfectly.