new song i made pretty bad ass i thort!
all comments welcome be it improvements or critisisum

the main riffs are in the Half whole scale in C and the solo is in Harmonic minor scale in E


Version 1.1
1.last 2 bars of solo changed
2.drums in solo changed
3.added a bit after the solo
Version 1.2
1.solo put into 2 guitars (taht is what it was ment to be people obviously dident c that)
2.drums changed on last 4 bars
new 142.zip
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excellent mate!
riffs sound amazing with guitar pro 5.1 very metal and brutal! liked it even not a fan of the genre.sounds well tied, solo went well, i loved the fade right after the solo and then the change of chords progrssion (one step higher i think)
overall 10/10, great music man.but you need 2 damn good guitarists for it.and a bass
C4C. my piece is in my link, the longer one
First Riff Not Bad, second riff not bad but need more work, third riff good

Mmm... need more work, dissonant and the solos sucks

I think you've used only GP5 for doing this, write using your guitar^^

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I think the dissonance works well..

I love the change in the drusm at bar 31.

The only thing I didn't like was the last 2 bars of the solo. It's not really the type of music I'd listen to, but the piece is really well written imo. What scales did you use for the solo? It sounds really cool, harmonic minor?
Sorry, I didn't read your post or read the things on the tab saying the scales used.. Didn't mean to have the stupid question.

The end of the solo now sounds, good. But looks impossible to play? Good luck with that?
Sounds alright really, I love the riffs you have in there. The solo does look impossible to play though... I think you should add a bass in there if you can. It seems pretty empty in the low end at points...


Crit mine?
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During the intro when the double bass goes constant sounds awesome. The next riff is really interesting. It's kinda chaotic in a punch you in the face kinda way. The progression riff sounds really good, and I'm surprised it actually fits with whats around it so well. I think the riff at 27 feels a little weird on the high parts of the arpeggios, just because it's in a higher range than your used to hearing at that point, but I think bass will fix it. I like the alteration of the progression riff. I'm not liking the riff at 45 and it's alterations, just due to pure lack of being interesting. I like when both guitars are playing octaves, but only because Guitar Pros sounds are making me hear rhythms that aren't there, so I'd say put rhythms to it, instead of straight 16ths. I think the solos great, mostly due to the way everything is arranged around it. The key change at 94 worked out nicely. I think it needs an outro too. The extra 2 beats of climbing m3's isn't doing it for me.

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First Riff Not Bad, second riff not bad but need more work, third riff good

Mmm... need more work, dissonant and the solos sucks

I think you've used only GP5 for doing this, write using your guitar^^


The solos suck, oh really..?

And I'm pretty sure it's meant to be dissonant.

I liked it, only thing I didn't like was the harmonics, but they will sound better in real life. Also in the solo, don't use straight eight and quarter notes, maybe spice it up with some triplets.

The harmonisations between the two guitars in the first riff is really predictable.

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Sure the solo isn't in B phrigian dominant? Listen to bar 72, it sounds like it is going to resolve to B (and the backing guitar at 65 too)..

The riff at bar14 was the one I liked the most, the harmonics sounded fine to me too...

The whole dissonant thing at 45 sounded good...
Tyr not using the same riffs all over again, and make an outro or something too...

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