Scott Von Heldt is proud to announce the release of his highly anticipated book Mind Over Metal - A Musician's Guide To Mental Mastery. Mind Over Metal is a philosophical and spiritual approach to musical mastery for the aspiring musician. As the first book in The Mystic Art of Self-Discovery series, Mind Over Metal offers deep insights for anyone who wants to unleash their primal essence and achieve mastery in the complex art of music. Derived from the metaphysical beliefs and traditions of Eastern Philosophies, Spiritualism, Shamanism, and the Healing Arts, Mind Over Metal has been crafted in a fashion that will awaken your mind to a deeper understanding of sound and vibrations and how they can be harnessed to transform your musical expression. Whether you are a novice, a pro or even just someone who is passionate about music, Mind Over Metal offers you timeless wisdom that is sure to open your mind and expand your creative vision!

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Singer and guitarist Scott Von Heldt (aka: SVH) joins a new breed of heavy music and offers up a glimpse into the future of the primitive. From entrancing tribal rhythms to unparalleled vocal incantations, SVH has long been admired by his peers and continues to push the envelope to create music with unrelenting passion and intensity.

Scott broke out into the original metal scene of Northern Ohio at the age of 17 by releasing his first solo guitar record "To Each His Own". SVH went on to join local metal giants Vatican (later renamed Marquis de Sade) and soon became a local guitar legend with the release of his second solo record "Cries of Silence". In 1994 Scott gave his full attention to the formation of his new band Theater of Madness. The group went on to dominate the local music scene, releasing their debut CD "The Demo" and opening for national acts ranging from Quiet Riot, Slaughter, and LA Guns, to metal masters more in their vein such as Suffocation, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

After many years of trudging through the trenches in search of a record company, Scott formed his own indie label Dead City Records and began work on Mantra, the debut from a new and improved version of his former band now named KURAI.

Scott moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and went on to join Ivan de Prume (White Zombie) and Martin St. Pierre (Cirque du Soliel) in the creation of HEALER, a band combining the elements of World music with Modern Metal! The bands debut "Awakening" has been hailed as one of the most original CD's released this decade and continues to garnish rave reviews. SVH, recently lent his extreme vocal abilities to the SHEESH E.P. by local thrash/funk quartet Baron Von Sloth.

2008 will see the release of a new instructional book and DVD from SVH entitled "Mind Over Metal" and a new solo release entitled "The Sonic Velocity Of Harmony"! He is also an endorsee and spokesperson for Minarik Guitars.

Scott continues to add a unique sentiment to heavy music by infusing raw intensity with spiritual insight and global awareness!
"When one loses himself in his art, the art then comes to life."

-Hazrat Inayat Khan
How the hell did the penguin not destroy that pig?
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
Because Macromai has laser beam tongues and memorized the work of Ken Burns.
A heathen, conceivably
but not,

I hope,
I’m not ashamed to be white
Vi doede ikke... vi har aldri levd
Barbarism is the natural state of mankind
Civilization is unnatural

It is a whim of circumstance
an unenlightened one