I have about 500 dollars to spend for a guitar. I know I wont get a very good guitar for that price but that's all I have and I wont be able to get more money. I usually play metal but I like to add some classic rock once in a while. What guitar could i get for that price that looks kinda metaly and has a fairly good sound to it?
what's your current gear, and do you have any preference's into what your guitar is constructed of?
A starcaster
I just want something that's a lot better than that. I'm not very good at knowing the differences between what guitars constructed of. This is going to be my first semi-good guitar. I was thinking an Ibanez, but i'm not an expert on electrics so that's why I'm asking.
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I have about 500 dollars to spend for a guitar. I know I wont get a very good guitar for that price but that's all I have and I wont be able to get more money

actually you can probably get alot of good guitars for$500 just go play alot of different ones and see what you like the best

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Save some more and get an ec-1000
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get an ESP LTD AX-50

its a great guitar, it looks awesome, and only usually $220at stores, but its about $700 if u buy it online
PRS Custom SE

Many of the Ibanez guitars at the low end are cheap and play great. I have a GAX70 (200$) and it rocks for that price point. I think the RG series would probably be better though.

Schecter has a few in that price range that sound pretty good from what I hear.

Umm, guess you could try a squire or epiphone but I'm not a fan of either of those. Many people like them though.

Right now I have the PRS and the Ibanez and love both of them. Plan on picking up either another higher grade Ibanez or the Schecter C1 Hellraiser. I play them through either a Fender Blues Jr, Vox AD30VT, or Line6 toneport (may be picking up a Peavey ValveKing 112 this weekend too.. whee). Can get some really good tones for almost any kind of music.
Get a Gibson SG Faded. Good for metal and classic rock.
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what's your amp, what type of metal, and what type of classic rock?
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