okay...whats a J-Crafted guitar whats that mean!(just wondering)
and umm what are Wizard necks? I and II does it mater which number it is?!
J-crafted? No idea.

Wizard necks? Awful necks, both Wizard I and Wizard II. Seriously. I can't play them. It's like it's just a thin strip of maple glued onto the fretboard to look good. Everyone I've spoken to who tried an RG without owning one(because their not going to deface their guitars image,) concurred. If you have really small hands I guess their good, but I have a bears set of hands, I need a thick neck.

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CIJ (Created/Crafted In Japan) is a term regularly used by Fender (and possibly other companies) to refer to their Japanese built line of guitars. Fender CIJ have a pretty good name, while we're on topic. The vintage CIJ guitars usually sell at a good price. (Or what Dave_MC said)

Wizard necks are the thin neck profiles used by Ibanez on some of their guitars, they're quite thin, to say the least. Whether or not you like them is personal taste.
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j-craft means it's an ibanez neck which is made in japan at the fujigen factory (i think).

wizard necks are nice if you like them, and not nice if you don't. i think the wizard IIs are a bit thicker than the wizard I, they also tend to be on the cheaper ibanezes.
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Wizard necks are nice

also if you have big hands because i have like huge hands and im comfortable with them
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