I'm curious if the POD X3 LIVE has similar features of the Vetta II. Specifically what I'm looking for is if you can program the "expression pedal" so that you can have a clean tone at one end and "roll" the pedal into a different patch/tone (such as a distorted and/or lead tone).

Basically using the pedal to switch between patches. I see that the Vetta II can do this as there is a video of it on the Line 6 website.

If it cannot do this, can it at least be used to control gain on the current tone that is loaded?

Hope I described this well. Thanks in advance!
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It's either volume, or a wah, as far as I know. The only thing you can change on it that I'm aware of is to have it mimick different wah pedals. As for controlling gain, you can use it as a volume pedal and control what is going into your amp, effectively overdriving the preamp, so down all the way would be distorted and back up would be cleaner, but it depends on your amp setup and your total volume output on the board. This would work exactly like a normal volume pedal.