If anyone remembers, I bought this old '93 Talman, from a little guitar shop down the road (Rockin' Robins)

It was pre-owned of course, but I fell in love with it, and bought it. I've had it for over a year now, and show it off all the time. So me and my bands other guitarist go to GC so he could sell his Hellraiser. I brought the Talman to play through the amps that I can never afford (I'm lookin at YOU JCM 800!) and one of the guys in the store walks up to me and this conversation happens:

Guy: Hey man, nice guitar you got there!
Me: Yeah, bought it at this place, Rockin' Robins, hearda it?
Guy: Oh yeah, course, I go there all the time. Matter of fact, you bought that used right?
Me: Yeah, for around 300 or so.
Guy: That's sweet, take care of it, I used to own that guitar, sold it for College tuition.

Seems kinda unimportant, but I mean, thats like a rare thing in Houston. He also proceeded to show me some of his favorite riffs and original songs =]

Anything like this happen to anyone, ever?

its a small word afterall

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I sold a '72 Blazer several years ago. It had a pretty hot 327 in it. I didn't want to sell it, but needed cash in a hurry at the time. I basically sold the truck for what I had invested in the engine and transfer case.

The next summer I bought a ski boat with a small block chevy in it, the dude advertised it as a 350. I commented on how much it looked like my old engine when I bought it. Once I got it home I removed the valve covers to run the valves and...there was the last 4 digits of my social stamped into the head.

I pulled the engine and the block was mine too...woohoo I got my 327 back

Small world.