I want a Overdrive distortion pedal. I hate distortion that is too high I like a really bassy deep sound. What pedal would you recommend? I want to spend about $50-$60 but could go a little higher if it's needed.
digitech bad monkey. do it.
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digitech bad monkey. do it.

I LOVE my Bad Monkey. It does sound significantly different [read: better] through a tube amp, though. Not bad through an SS either.
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^ The Bad Monkey is a great OD pedal for little of your American monaaaays. Or any currency that you care to convert it to but that bit of info is a tad unnecessary.

If you could stretch a bit more to really get the best gear there are always companies that have fairly specialised range of pedals. My maxon od-808 (A replica of the original Ibanez od-808 from the 80's) turned up today (it was about £85) and it's absolutely beautiful for what I want from it
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digitech bad monkey. do it. do it. you won't

this or a tube screamer of some sort
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The bad monkey is a great pedal... but I find it a bit tinny. I cut the highs alot too.

DS1 is a decent distortion, I'm pretty sure you could pick up a metal zone on ebay for about $40.

I've actually got a DS1 monte allums modded that I did myself that I'll sell ya for $50. It sounds good and there's 3 different options for distortion, LED, Diode lift and Rectifier mode. I personally use rectifier all the time pretty much. Led is good you get a 50dB boost it's great for solos.... I like to combine my bad monkey and my DS1 for over the top distortion. Sounds pretty fat. Though all I ever play on is my pc. 100 watt tube head doesn't work in a townhouse.
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Stretch your budget a bit and grab a Tubescreamer. In your price range the only two decent OD's I can think of are the Bad Monkey and SD-1. The Bad Monkey is good, but isn't, in my experience, too bassy compared to how some people make out. And the SD-1 is more treble-loaded than anything, the best use for my SD-1 now is as a boost.
I'll say Bad Monkey as well. The only digitech pedal i've liked to date. And cheap. 40 bucks nabs ya one. Versitile tone and no extra noise. Nice pedal.
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