k so i have a dying g400 as in my signature lol and seriously these pickups are goin in and out and have had their lifes worth, i want to buy a new guitar but ya know i really love the body and looks and everything about my SG so, just a two pickup swap i think would do me good i play rock to just about anything in that genre and a little metal too(not crazy shit tho) so i was thinking duncan JBs? or just gibson 490t and 500?? i have no idea what to throw in there so give me some suggestions :P thanls and happy halloween!!!
JBs should do nice for over-all music styles.
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go with the duncans: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-Hot-Rodded-Humbucker-Set-?sku=300030

but, p-90s would get along famously with your SG, even though they are not really suited for metal, they sound beautiful, and they have bite to them too. not your average single coils

and to the dude above me, he already mentioned his style, read the whole post will ya
To go with a different angle - you say your pickups are going 'in and out'. That's probably not the pickup's problem, more likely it's the pickup selector switch, the input jack, or a dry connection somewhere. Epi use pretty good wood and hardware now everywhere except when it comes to these three key areas; they use cheap pickup selector switches, they use cheap input jacks, and they're sloppy with their soldering.

Even the cheapest pickups will stay working for several decades. There are Gibsons from the late 50's with cheaper asian-made copy pickups that are still going strong today. If you're having a problem with signal cutting out, it's almost certainly not the pickups.

And to that end, since the pickups almost certainly don't need changing, if you're looking for a change or improvement in tone, it will be more effective to get a new amp than change the probably-working-fine pickups.
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once again mr flibble saves the day!! haha idk yet but i guess id bring it to a guitar tech?? to resolder, etc? because the pickups tone i think is what i want ;P so ?
As an off topic, when does one decide to change the stk pickups. I have the same guitar as the poster.
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As an off topic, when does one decide to change the stk pickups. I have the same guitar as the poster.

One decides to change the pickups when he decides that there is something intrinsically wrong with either the tone, the output, harmonic overtones, etc.

TS, when you do decide to change the pickups, as a general suggestion I'd advise something wound vintage hot, I.E. Duncan Pearly Gates or anything from the Bare Knuckle Vintage Hot range (arguably overpriced, but still THE best in terms of sound and quality) - they might not do your metal needs but for straight up rock, they're exactly what you need.
I played an SG once with Bareknuckle Mules,and then another with Bareknuckle Warpigs.

Either is amazing. Muels are less gainy though, less output, but still classy.
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