I have an EMG with only two wires, a red and a white, but what would i use to ground the pickup to the pot?

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There should be 2 wires inside the white wire like a passive pickup. One is a ground and the other is the hot for the pickup part of the EMG and the red is the hot wire to power the built in pre-amp. The 2 wires inside the white wire get soldered to the volume pot just like a passive pickup. If you want a tone pot it gets wired just like a passive pickup and the pots get connected to the stereo input jack just like passives do. The red wire hooks up to the red wire on the battery clip. The black wire from the battery clip hooks to the third lug on the stereo input jack. Check emginc.com for a wiring diagram I tried to explain it but if you're like me a picture helps alot more.

EDIT: Make sure you use 25k pots and .1uf capacitor on the tone pot.
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