Well if you look at the pictures it says that it's a MIM Strat.
It probably just has the specs of a 70s Strat
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It's NOS, it's still a MIM strat using new old stock parts.

Yeah it is. I just looked at it again.
Still it's a nice guitar no matter what.
it was a classic 70's strat from 2005, left in a stockroom somewhere.

you can tell from the headstock, the u shaped neck, neck plate...

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Very legit.

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is that site legit???

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is that site legit???

I wondered too so i Got a cheap halo from there on my profile.
dropped a Jazz/Jb combo in it and threw on grovers.

Best $139 i ever spent on a guitar....plays like an $800 epi

it was at my door on the 2nd day.
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