Whats up guys?

I have a quick right hand tapping question.

I can get the notes to ring out clearly on the first four strings (E A D G)

But when I try tapping on B and high E it sounds muffled and doesn't always ring out. I've tried simply tapping harder but that doesn't work.

Could someone please help

The solo I've been trying to play is "The Wonders at Your Feet" by Dark Tranquilly
Maybe your palm/forearm is muting the string. No?
Maybe try to adjust the way you strike with your right hand's tap finger. Maybe try another finger.
Practice those two alone slowly but achieving the sustained clear sound. After it sounds right, speed it up, probably with a metronome to exact it up. You could add distortion to make it easier but try to avoid killing the sound with too much.
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Dark Tranquilly

I lol'd.

Either way you might need to adjust where you're actually hitting within the fret-space itself, try to land your finger as close to the actual fret wire as you can, other than that RR787 pretty much said it.

Edit: Fret dancer also hit on a good little piece of advice: try to make sure you strike the string as close to perpendicular to the fret board as you can, that should help a bit.
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My bad.... Dark Tranquillity

Apparently the spell check has bad taste

Anyhow...I've been trying to hit the fret directly in the middle. You say I should try to hit closer to the wire?

I'll give that a shot

Edit: Yes...staying closer to the wire made all the difference. Thanks guys this is a fastest I think any of my technique issues has ever been resolved.
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