Hey fellow UG'ers

Im just back from the craziest Halloween i ever experienced. Here it is:

Me and my friend went out with a few fireworks and smoke bombs i made. After a while it got boring and i got this white and red road emergency tape from my house.

We pretty much blocked access to the town centre using this tape. The smart people saw past the tape as its a straight road and saw that theres no emergency happening so they drove right through it and then there were people who just made a u-turn and went back the other way. There were people who got out of their cars and ripped off the tape and people who were speeding and noticed the tape inches away so they had to handbreak. Our other friend joined us and we kept doing this for half an hour.

We set up the tape on the road and hid behid this big concrete pipe of diametre of around 1.5 metre and wait for some cars to come. Next thing we know a police car stops in front of the tape so we just wait extremely quietly behid this pipe in a building site approx. 15 metres away from the road. We dont know whats happening but we can hear footsteps getting clocer and closer. We were pretty much shitting ourselves at this stage. I could imagine the horrid image of my mother castrating me right after being brought home in a police car. A torch whizzed by my ear and above our heads and then we heard retreating footsteps. We heard an engine start and looked at the accelerating police car. Were all pretty much a bunch of loosers so we were pretty shocked and terrified and we decided to set up the tape somewhere else.

Once we set up the tape at a new location we saw a patrol car behind us so we ran as fast as we could. I slipped and hit the water-saturated grass and slid for a good few metres pretty much choking on the grass and water, but i kept running like a brave little soldier. We hid in the bushes for a while and we saw the patrol car from the bushes drive past us so we decided to walk into the town centre.

While walking there some assholes tried egging us from a big white van(in Ireland this would be the equivalent of a drive-by) and absolutely destroyed my friends trousers (mine were pretty wet and dirty so we just laughed it off and kept going). We met a group of lads from our school. There was about 30 of them. We walked through the town and caused mischief before going back to our houses.

More crazy shit happened but i just cant remember. Thank you to those who read this wall of text and please share your halloween stories.
Mine went something like this:

I went with my friend, I had a gas mask + military camo... I got a pillowcase of candy, and I'm eating it now.
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*is sick of Halloween threads*
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
that was actually i suprisingly good story

anyway mine went something like this:
came on UG at about 6, cos i couldnt concentrate for homework, played a tad of CoD4, then this girl I like started talking to me: and i discover I'm definitely friendzoned, but i'm not bothered. at least i am starting to get a close friend whos a girl

/my teenage issues
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

My halloween consisted of my girlfriend and I watching a movie.

I loved it

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